I do hope you realise just what a responsible job it is to be keeping exotic animals as exotic pets in your home. Unless…no, I venture to say that even the ants in the ant farm I’m building in a shed at the back of my yard is endangered in some form or another. No matter what creature you’re keeping, this I argue, it’s endangered or threatened in some way or another. Bear in mind that whether you shipped your animals over legally through the right channels or have done otherwise illegally, the conditions that these animals travelled under were not ideal and even under the best circumstances in your own home, the living conditions are still not ideal.

You know, I don’t mean to sound arrogant or as though I know it all, but all it takes is just a bit of common sense and a conscience to help save the very creatures you’re keeping in your backyard or in a cage. You don’t necessarily need to get too active or involved elsewhere, but I would recommend that you do this. Not only will you be making a small contribution towards saving your favourite exotic creatures, you’ll end up having fun as well. If you have growing kids at home, involve them as well in your own drives and learning curves.


It does not matter which area you are living in, there are still creatures unique to that environment. Take time out to visit the wild areas surrounding your urban neighbourhoods and do some exploring of your own. But, remember what I told you about snakes; make sure you prepare yourself well for your outing. Also note that this is not an opportunistic time for you to be carrying cages with you in the hope that you’re going to find a rare creature and then proceed to catch it and take it home with you. This would defeat the object of the exercise, wouldn’t it?

I also mentioned that you should take your kids to visit a game park closest to you. Take a drive or use the vacation time to visit one. While being educated about endangered, and now, protected species, you and your children will be having the time of your lives, because this is what you enjoy; being up close and personal with the creatures you love. I’ll be seeking out clubs that specialise in my favourite creatures. So, if you have a thing for snakes like I do, then you can hook up with a snake park or club. Who knows, perhaps one day you’ll be invited to become a foster parent to one of these motherless creatures.

It should be common sense and indicative of a great love for your own exotic pets. Making your home and living environment as wildlife friendly as possible is the way to go. But this doesn’t stop at your pet snake or bird’s cage. Always make sure that your home is properly secured to avoid attracting other creatures, wild or domestic, that may have sensed that you are keeping strange pets on your grounds. Make sure that your entire premises are properly disinfected and entirely hygienic. This is mainly to avoid the unwanted transmission of foreign diseases.

Written by reppy

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